Odro is located on the ethnographic trail Vogorno-Vogorno, over the Alp Bardughè.

Above Odro there is an informative and detailed 'Wildheu Museum'. A 'Wildheuer' is a Swiss mountain farmer, who climbs up very steep pastures to cut grass for hay for his animals. It used to be, and sometimes still is, a very dangerous job. The museum gives a realistic impression of how nature's 'gold', i.e. hay, used to be harvested in this region, thus getting man and beast through winter

Our local peak stands at 2442 meter above sea level and is called Pizzo Vogorno. It can be climbed in about 3 hours and offers a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view, one of the most beautiful in the Ticino. The mountain can be reached by a well-develped hiking trail via Alp Bardughè. This then turns into a alpine route which requires good footwear and sure-footedness. Odro is the ideal starting point for the climb and the altitude to be tackled is manageable.

(Odro-Pizzo Vogorno 1202 difference in altitude)

Link: Ethnographic Round Tour Odro